Welding (to a specific design)

Acrotech can retrofit to an existing system to improve productivity.

Mass Flow Solutions

It doesn't matter if it is sand, gravel, wood chips, or coal. Our mass flow solutions will make sure that your materials keep moving.


Acrotech can install the solution that your operation needs.

Custom Engineering Solutions

-  Belt Surveys
-  Belt Splicing
-  Liner Installation
    =  Ash Mixer Installation
    =  Ash Haul Truck Liners
    =  Rail Car Liners
-  Chute Maintenance and Installation
-  Pulley Lagging Installation

Example of a Flow Solution

Model of Efficiency

Air cannons, vibrators, and low friction lining can all attribute to a more efficient flow in the transfer chute

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Lagging is applied to extend the life of the shell by providing a replaceable wearing surface or to improve the friction between belt and pulley.

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Choosing the right kind of belt is important for handling materials efficiently

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Martin® dust-tight steel inspection door allows inspection and access in chutes and other enclosures for belt cleaner maintenance or other service requirements.

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For an effective, minimum-spillage transfer point, the belt's line of travel must be stabalized with proper belt support in the conveyer's loading zone.

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Belt scapers clear debris and ensure that the belt is maintained properly.

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A key in controlling the amount of dust that escapes from the transfer point is to minimize and control the flow of air as it passes through the transfer point

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